I'm a full stack software developer from the Netherlands. I enjoy building web applications, that's what I'm doing full-time at Booking.com. In my free time I contribute to open-source.

Things I created myself


Password manger compatible with KeePass. Available as a web application and desktop apps for all platforms.

Website: keeweb.info, GitHub: github.com/keeweb/keeweb ✩ 12.2k

project: keeweb


Full implementation of the KDBX (KeePass password file) format in JavaScript. Used as the core library in KeeWeb.

GitHub: github.com/keeweb/kdbxweb ✩ 409

project: kdbxweb


Argon2 password hashing function compiled to WebAssembly. Can be used in browsers and node.js.

Demo: antelle.net/argon2-browser, GitHub: github.com/antelle/argon2-browser ✩ 360

project: argon2-browser


Node.js library for reading and extraction of large ZIP archives. It's designed to work with huge files that don't fit into memory.

GitHub: github.com/antelle/node-stream-zip ✩ 440

project: node-stream-zip


Dark theme for IntelliJ IDEA inspired by Xcode.

GitHub: github.com/antelle/intellij-xcode-dark-theme ✩ 143

project: intellij-xcode-dark-theme


String matching library with support of camel case, dash case, etc… It can do fuzzy search and performs well on the large datasets.

Demo: antelle.net/string-case-match, GitHub: github.com/antelle/string-case-match

project: string-case-match


Dutch irregular verbs trainer. Counts the number of errors you made and shows the progress.

Website: antelle.net/sterke-werkwoorden, GitHub: github.com/antelle/sterke-werkwoorden

project: sterke-werkwoorden


Minimalistic color picker with two input modes (color wheel and textual).

Website: antelle.net/small-color-picker, GitHub: github.com/antelle/small-color-picker

project: small-color-picker

...and there are some more on GitHub

Projects I participated in


Popular accommodation booking website.

Website: booking.com

project: booking.com


Cross-platform office software with collaborative editing features.

Website: collabio.com

project: collabio

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